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Induction Explosion Proof Highbay Light

Induction Explosion Proof Highbay Light is one of Induction Lighting, Visible Light – and Energy Saving. Research has indicated that it is not the lux or foot candle value of lighting that determines how we see, but rather, the nanometer range of light our eyes can see and interpret. We all ‘know’ that yellow HPS light is poor for seeing details. Its lumen ‘pupils value is actually between 0.4 and 0.67 times that stated lumens output.


HPS uses higher energy with less efficient light. Induction lighting has a value between 1.62 for 4.100°K light to 2.25 for 6500°K light.

Note: Lower Induction wattages can be used to achieve equal and greater “Pupil Lumens” of obsolete HPS and Metal Halide lights.


Green savings and visual clarity are achieved when replacing HPS or Metal Halide with Induction Lighting. Near zero maintenance is an outstanding added value Did we mention “Instant” re-lighting with Induction Lights?


Our highbay light can be used in different applications such as factory, steel mill, chemical factory, acid environment etc. The induction lamp is a promising technology which features good efficiency and long life proved welcomed by markets.


explosion highbay light