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Product Features

product features-t5


The T5 Series Energy Saving Fluorescent Lighting System uses highly efficient energy-saving electronic ballast, lamp brackets, adaptors and T5 fluorescent lamp, all of which are assembled into an integrated lighting system. The main advantage of the T5 Series is that it can replace the traditional inductive ballast and fluorescent lamp with no major modifications. And the potential gain in terms of energy saving is between 40%-60%, compare to the existing conventional fluorescent lights.

Its other advantages, compared to the conventional fluorescent light, are as follow:


Longer fluorescent lamp lifespan.

Its life span of approximately 15,000 hours is more that 200% longer than the existing conventional fluorescent light. Moreover, according to statistics obtained, the lifespan of the existing conventional fluorescent lamp will be reduced by 1 to 6 hours every time it is switched “on or off”.


Faster start-up illumination.

Unlike the conventional fluorescent light, it will illuminate almost instantaneously when it is switched on. Further, its preheating start-up settings enable the number of the fluorescent lamps can be switched on an off to be extended to more than 10,000 times compared to approximately 3,000 for the existing inductive ballast.


Higher lighting efficiency.

It is approximately 50% more efficient compared to the conventional fluorescent light on the brightness factor.


It has a high power factor.
Its power factor of more than 95% is substantially higher than the conventional fluorescent light.


Lower current noise level.

The total current noise level is low, i.e. less than 15% compared to the conventional fluorescent light. This consequently reduces the energy lost during transmission resulting in no disturbance or interruption in transmission. This will also conserve energy.


Suitable for a wider range of input voltage.
The T5 Series works in a wider range of input voltage, i.e. between 120VAC-260VAC. Therefore, unlike the conventional fluorescent light, it will work even when the voltage is low, which is useful in areas with low or fluctuating voltage.


No strobe lights, i.e. high intensity, short duration light pulses.

Unlike the conventional fluorescent light, the product emits gentle and comforting light rays which is less harmful to eyes and will result in less eye fatigue.


Less heat.

Less heat is generated by the product compared to the conventional ballast. This is useful especially in air-conditioned rooms as it will help reduce electricity consumption.


No Noise is generated.
With the conventional fluorescent light, a humming sound is produced by inductive ballasts. But there is no audible noise with the T5 Series.


Multi protection system.

This product is equipped with different types of protection, for instance, short circuit protection, lamp malfunction protection, surge current protection lamp, lamp lifespan protection and under voltage input protection. These added features reduce the possibility of damage to the ballast, making it safer and prolongs the useful live of the fluorescent light.